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Gympass will become Wellhub. Wellhub represents a natural evolution from a “gym pass" to what we already are: an all-in-one corporate wellness platform that offers the best holistic wellbeing partners to the world's largest corporate community. This rebrand aligns our name with the magnitude of our mission to make every company a wellness company where employees check-in with their wellbeing every day.

These guidelines were developed to help make every experience in the Wellhub ecosystem safe, respectful, and positive. Gyms, studios, clubs, personal trainers and wellbeing apps partnered with Wellhub are expected to follow the guidelines below. To encourage all Wellhub partners help us foster a positive and beneficial community, Wellhub reserves the right to remove accounts or ban any partner that violates our Wellhub Community Guidelines and Partner contractual terms in accordance with applicable law.

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Here’s your first look

How to get started

Exciting news – you've got your first Wellhub user! Let's kick things off by ensuring your profile is set up correctly. Log into your Partner Portal to validate check-ins, view payment reports, and manage visit statuses. This guide will walk you through it all.

To access the Partner Portal, log in using your email and password. Forgot your password? No worries! Click here to reset it, and we'll send a link to your email.

How to welcome your first user?

But wait, what's a check-in? It's how Wellhub members enter your gym. Remind them to do this to track visits for payment.  

How to validate check-ins

Log into the Partner Portal and find the "Check-ins to confirm" icon.


Click "Refresh" to see new check-ins and start validation.


Hit "Validate" to confirm visits. You're done!


Remember, you have 20 minutes to validate check-ins. After that, they expire, so keep it quick and efficient!

Integrate your gym with a Club Management System (CMS)

Enhance the Wellhub member experience with seamless software integration. This not only validates check-ins effortlessly but also reduces reliance on reception staff. Members can conveniently schedule classes through the app.

Selecting a Club Management System (CMS) and integrating it with Wellhub offers several benefits:

  • Automated Check-Ins: Smooth experience for members and less workload for reception. 
  • Direct Class Scheduling: Empowers members to schedule classes directly, boosting engagement. 
  • Time and Resource Savings: Automation frees up resources for improving the gym experience. 
  • Expanded Reach: Attracts more Wellhub members, increasing visibility in the Wellhub network.

Explore integration options via provided links or contact your Wellhub representative for more information. Make your gym operations efficient and user-friendly through software integration!

Good Practices

Keep Your Details Updated

Keep your Wellhub page current by updating information like your address, hours, and description via the Partner Portal. This ensures accurate info for members, enhancing their booking experience.

Maintain a Positive Relationship with Members

Foster respect with all members. Assist in accidents, incidents (like theft), or any gym issues to ensure their well-being and a positive experience.

Transparency with Wellhub

Share reliable information about your activities, plans, and prices with Wellhub. Notify us promptly of any changes through the Help Center for clear communication and trust.

Treat Wellhub users as Valued Customers

Give Wellhub users the same care as your members for a positive experience. Building rapport encourages them to choose your gym consistently, leading to long-term success.

What to Avoid

Denying Access to Wellhub users

If you have any questions or concerns about the partnership, collaborate with Wellhub to ensure a smooth member experience. Feel free to reach out to us directly – we are here to address any issues.

Smart Device Alternatives

Do not provide Wellhub users with alternative smart devices for check-in. Members should exclusively use their own cell phones and the Wellhub app for the check-in process.

Extra Fees and Value Changes

Refrain from imposing extra fees without prior clarification. Any changes to values must be communicated through our Help Center for proper adjustment. 

Avoid Harmful Content

Do not include or alter any information (photo, title, description, etc.) on your Wellhub page that could be perceived as harmful to any political, ethnic, or minority group. Maintain a positive and inclusive environment.

No Mandatory Visit Quotas

Do not mandate specific visit quotas for members. They should have the freedom to attend your gym as often as they choose, with the limit of one check-in per day.

No Monetary Incentives for Check-ins

Avoid encouraging members to check in by offering monetary incentives. Ensure check-ins are driven by genuine gym attendance rather than external motivations.

Accurate Check-in Timing

Members should only check in when physically present at the gym or at the exact time scheduled for their online session. Maintain accuracy and reliability in the check-in process.

  • It is essential for all Wellhub partners to be well-versed in and adhere to all applicable local laws. This includes regulations related to health and safety, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and marketing practices while utilizing the Wellhub platform.
  • Consistent compliance with the terms outlined in the agreement with Wellhub is mandatory for all partners at all times.

Adhere to Legal Requirements

Should you have any inquiries or wish to report concerns regarding behavior within the framework of these guidelines, please reach out to Wellhub via Help Center.

Report concerns

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal isn't just for check-in validation – it's a powerhouse of tools granting you control and autonomy in our partnership. Explore some of the essential tools below:


The Reports tab is a pivotal feature for monitoring our partnership's progress. Dive into various aspects, such as payment per visit and detailed user indicators. After members check in, access the comprehensive usage report, allowing you to:

  • Review the monthly check-in report since the start of our partnership. 
  • Track the number of validations conducted in the current month. 
  • Analyze the final revenue generated by each member. 
  • Download all validations conveniently in an Excel file. 
  • Utilize graphs that offer insights into your gym's growth through Wellhub.
  • Get reports filtering by each location (if you have more than one).

This comprehensive suite of tools empowers you to manage and enhance our partnership efficiently.


You can update your profile information on the Partner Portal by clicking on the Profile tab. There you will find:

  • Your photo gallery, with a special field for your logo, featured image, entrance, and other images. 
  • A place to edit your operating hours and amenities. 
  • A contact field for users to get in touch with you, including telephone number and social media. 
  • A section for you to describe your business and provide more information about your activities.

Important: your edit request will be reviewed and approved within five business days. Our support team will contact you if there are any issues.

Help Center

Content Guidelines


Less than 550 characters

  • Name of the gym
  • Point of reference
  • Highlight primary activity
  • Booking information
See more details

Photo Gallery

At least 5 photos

  • 1x logo
  • 1x storefront of the gym
  • 3x main activities offered
See more details

Hours & Amenities

  • Update regularly
  • Include amenities only available to Wellhub users
See more details


Main contact information

  • Phones
  • Website
  • Emails
See more details

Support Channels

For any concerns or queries regarding our partnership, the Help Center is your go-to resource. With a repository of 50 articles covering topics such as Live Classes, Partner Portal, Personal Trainers, and software integration, you'll find solutions to your key questions.

If you prefer direct support, you can submit a request. Our team is ready to assist you with any specific inquiries or concerns you may have. Keep in mind that our team has one business day to get back to you.

Partner Portal


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Promoting your business as a Wellhub Partner

We're thrilled to celebrate our partnership with you! To help you share the excitement on social media, we've prepared a diverse range of assets. Click the link below to download all the ready-to-post content.

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