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Gympass is a comprehensive corporate wellbeing platform that
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Gympass ignites and fuels every journey to feel good.

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1. How does Gympass work for client companies?

As a company, you invest a monthly value that will allow you to provide your employees with Gympass as a benefit. Each one of them will then be able to choose among 7 available plans by paying a fixed monthly fee.

2. What’s the investment to get Gympass?

Each company will need a different investment, depending on the total number of eligible employees. Once it’s calculated, the value will always be the same each month.

3. How does the payment work?

We issue an invoice with all the payment details on the 1st day of the month. This is made available in the HR portal on the next day, so that you are already able to perform the payment through bank transfer. No rush, you can pay up to 30 days later (which is, until the 2nd day of the following month).

To make it clearer, the 1st payment will include the period that goes from when you sign the contract up to the end of the 1st full month. Following months will work just the same, but they will only include the usual monthly investment, without the pro-rata charge (from the signature to the 1st invoice).

No worries, we’ll send you a recap of all the details by email as soon as we sign the contract.

4. What’s included in the monthly fee paid by the company?

Your monthly fee will include, first of all, the access to Gympass for all of your eligible employees. But that’s not all. We have an HR portal for you to have control over the benefit, check reports, see the performance, download the invoices and add or remove eligible employees. You’ll have full control over the benefit.

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5. How long does the contract last? Does it renew automatically?

The contract will last 12 months and will automatically renew. At the moment of renewal, we’ll apply the inflation applicable at that moment, according to the law. In case you’d like to cancel before the renewal, just get in touch with us, we won’t apply any extra costs for that.

6. Can I pay only for the employees that sign up to the benefit?

The investment is calculated on all eligible employees, independently if they purchase a plan or not.

7. Does the employee have to pay anything to Gympass?

Yes, the company is the benefit provider, but the employee will be the person who chooses the plan that best works for them, among the 7 available. Once chosen, they will pay the correspondent monthly fee.

8. Can we subsidize membership fees so that employees won't need to pay for anything? 

Yes, we are able to facilitate the subsidization of employee membership plans, please discuss this with us directly

9. What are the payment methods available for the employees?

If your company has up to 100 employees, the payment method available will be credit or debit card. In case your company has more than 100 employees, then they will be able to choose between credit or debit card and payroll deduction.

10. Can Gympass be extended to the employees’ dependents?

Yes, we can negotiate that. In case you are interested, we have the chance to extend it to the spouse and children of the employees.

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11. How can I manage the benefit?

You can manage it 100% online through the HR portal. It’s a platform that allows you to add or remove eligible employees, access financial information or the reports on the performance of the benefit, as well as get support from our team by chat. We’ll also provide you with some digital material that you can use to launch and communicate the benefit.

12. How will the benefit be launched after signing the contract?

The launch will be digital. Right after signing the contract, we’ll provide you with a template to fill out with the full list of your employees.

We’ll add them all to our system, so that in no more than 72h they’ll already have access to sign up to Gympass.