Why you should offer Gympass to your employees

What is Gympass?

Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform. 

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With Gympass, all of your employees can have access to 
over 50,000 gyms and studios in the US            and around the world and over 700 different activities such as yoga, swimming, climbing, functional, bodybuilding, dancing, and more. Also, we have 40+ wellbeing apps dedicated to meditation, therapy, health, nutrition, financial management, and more. 

Gympass has the best physical activities and wellbeing solutions for your employees - wherever they are, whenever they want.

Still not convinced? See other reasons why you should offer Gympass to your employees: 

The Gympass network is affordable 

Compared to other wellbeing benefits, Gympass gives your employees the freedom to choose what's best for their well-being. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional support, they can access it through affordable plans. There are also no cancellation fees - for you or for your employees. 

Implementing Gympass is easy, we'll be supporting you every step of the way. We also have a dedicated team that will help your team strategize on ways to increase employee engagement and activation. 

Implementation is a breeze 

With 10 different employee plans, employees can choose what they feel is best for their wellbeing journey. Whether it's swimming, dancing, yoga, bodybuilding, talking, balancing, etc., Gympass has something to offer for everyone. 

Gympass is accessible 

 You can search for our partners in our network by region and plans. You'll find that Gympass is the perfect wellbeing solution for a remote, back to the office, or hybrid work model. Due to our wide range of partners throughout the country, your employees will have options wherever they are. 

Gyms and studios near you 

Dedicated HR Portal for you to manage everything 

You can manage Gympass through our HR Portal. You can easily include or exclude employee access to Gympass, view employee sign ups, access communication materials for internal distribution, manage payment, invoices, and more. 

Intuitive and easy to use app 

They can easily access our network through the Gympass app. Employees can register and search for gyms and studios they want to go to before signing up for a plan that best suits their needs, check-in, and more. It's that simple. 

Flexibility is our last name 


We can help you achieve your goals 

With a dedicated team to help increase employee sign up and activation, Gympass can help your company: 


Ready to offer Gympass     to your employees? 

Why you should offer Gympass to your employees. 

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